My wish is to express my feelings rather than control them. The final result does not matter, as long as I can express myself wildly. I only work on the floor, after meditation, dancing and in deep states of  consciousness. By painting on the floor I feel nearer to the Mother Earth, and I know that I can’t fall. I am not controlling what
I am doing, not thinking, I only see later what has happened. I believe paintings have a life of their own. They speak, if you can listen to them..

During the process it is as if my soul gathers itself to undertake a journey of meaning.
Art has the power to bring back the soul inward ,to its original energy, to its potential capacity, into stillness , in contrast to time which goes away so fast.
By doing art I teach my soul to be welcomed, in its bareness, pure freedom and
authentic presence. Here I dance to embrace the transitory divinity we all are
containers of with the unique and simple gift of breathing and creating intuitively. Art
is like a door for me to access this state of simple being.

They say

“Giovanna de Giglio, in art ‘Luce’ meaning ‘light’, is a roman based artist, often traveling around the world teaching meditation and Himalayan yoga practices. Giovanna’s main language is performance and body art. She puts in scene transformative rituals through paintings, dance and breath. In fact, her creative activity mainly takes place in contact with the ground, horizontally, involving the body in a dance of materials and practices till reaching a verticality of emotions.

She seems to be in love with the Earth,talking to her,contacting her deepest wild side,so to be able to express fully what wants to be expressed,in a harmonic dance between her body and the Earth.

The involvement of meditative practices, that she combines with art and breathing techniques, in order to reach an aware state of presence, that moves her body in a flow and spontaneous dance that is translated than into colors, is propaedeutic for en existential transformation of the spectator that mirrors the healing of the artists process.

Therefore, the artists enacts a spiritual journey where ‘the other’ not only watches her flux of transformation, yet also becomes an integral part of the sacred ritual of the ‘visceral opening’ of the artist. It is like a personal statement saying ‘I exist alone’ ‘these are my prints’

During performances Luce gets free of her dependence of the gaze of ‘the other’ in order to exist fragmenting herself and then recomposing again in order to sublimate that greed that pushes her to exceed, the hunger that brings her to feel horror and repentance and then transform in a deep acceptance and in a even stronger affirmation of her freedom.

Therefore, Giovanna, in her performances, allows spectators to assist in a intimate way to the ‘evisceration’ of herself in a process of memory and identity acquisition and limits recognition troughs dynamics of expansions (chaos) and contractions (return to stillness).”


I am a  young Italian artist and meditation yoga teacher based in Rome, travelling around the world.

I mainly work using my whole body and space around, paining on the floor, interweaving different materials that I pick every time spontaneously. My work reflects my love for nature and my close observation of it during the long travels I often do alone. Also my gestures mirrors the Vedic tradition that I adopt in my lifestyle .In fact, ‘Sattva’ , this is the name of the practice I based almost every breath and movement on, is that ‘balanced state’ I reach with meditation before painting, with pranayama techniques ,letting my breath guiding  me  freely in the movements. When  I am eventually able to reach a state of silence in my mind I  can abandon the thoughts,control, and expectations.

Painting as a Spiritual Journey

Therefore, work becomes a revelatory spiritual journey where I let ‘the other’ assists to my  current transformation and existential questioning permeated by a sacred ritual.

I becomes one with the painting. In fact I  immerge myself into colors , doing  a play of projections,mirroring with my own image on the painting, exploring the confines of my body leaving a hint of my passage without any kind of control.

In fact, meditation allows me to invoke my  essential nature of eternal bliss within that is in harmony with the whole and serves evolution, not bound to the old patterns and conditionings yet supporting the universal growth.

Yet in her performative work she is re evoking an ‘old story’ , but getting read of it, thanks to this new free attitude, new space and new gaze that she is willing to create.

“In fact, she believes to be central the cleaning of the senses before to move and then express trough color guided by an intuitive flow guided by a brave heart, from her deep authenticity, freed by any fear . The result is something that she would have never expressed by words” as she says.

The Absolute, the light of life, the vibration in which I swim with my mind and that make me feel so united, perfect as I am, in this long ‘now’, out of time, without space, without need, this sensation of divine, come into form with color guided by my breath, welcomed by the earth.

The result, the painting is the answer, the visible form that I gave birth to and that I can contemplate. Even if it is a wound…It really becomes my ritual to celebrate life as it is in its authentic aspect, and I can dance with it now. In the silence if my essence. With pain and joy. I generate my own vital energy, I am the creator, I feel divine. United with the world.

“Lines are not defined shapes but are freed of control. As she says, her arms become like wings of a flying bird that has drown that in the very act of flying. Therefore, the absolute become visible, is like Shakti breaks down…

Is about breaking down the glass built around life and becoming authentic, which is the center of my art.I put in scene my drama and live it to get free of it.

“Is not a way of looking back, yet to live a trauma in the ‘here an now’ and be freed, create a space of freedom and new interpretation where is not me speaking and give the always-same interpretation”

Art as a new awareness of love

The image becomes central for her but it never coincides with the substance she is looking for…this is the redundant motif of her exploration into her own image, that sometimes ends up to be almost an obsession. Eventually, she understands that there is no other way to find her true self to go in, and the relation with ‘the other’, even if complicated, is the solution and the mirror thanks to which she can finally rest into silence and gaze to herself instead of looking for something outside.


Moved by her childhood fears to be invaded and not respected ,her work is based a lot on the search on new limits, an investigation to get to know what is hew true nature . And Is thanks to the other’s gaze that she can finally solve that , in this ‘acting out of painful personal past story’, finally freeing herself, detaching and delineating her new confines with colors .


“I work intuitively, picking up colors with no prior thought in mind. In creating each unique piece, I use layers of different mediums, surfaces, tools and techniques.

I strive to create a push-pull of opposites; flat against texture, a color against its opposite, shiny against matte. I use palette knives, spatulas and whatever different and unconventional tools add to the mix. Using different mediums and varying the tools for different genres is a natural component of my creative process.”

Early age

I create art because it’s a need, like the need to breathe. I have been making art since probably I was given being given a watercolor set at age 6!

my creativity and expression was mostly influenced by the freedom that my father gave at that age ,in the little time I spent with him ,where I was allowed to paint on the wall of his apartment, everywhere in the space with no restriction . I used wide movements, as if I wanted to leave a visible track of my passage.

Looking at my present way of working, In fact, it seems like I have never stopped engraving my footprint that are still embedded of that child memory of ‘ephemeral’, ‘jump’,’ asymmetry of the sign’, search for the gaze of the other ‘In fact, my use of the space at 360, with the use of the whole body itself that become united with the work being painted itself, is like dancing on a stage, with a latent sense of teatrality. Also the spectator is called to participate emotionally, in a truth observing .in fact, I believe and desire that that the spectator with me, through gestures, sounds ,movements ,colors and forms come to authentic transformation.

I believe in the aesthetic dialogic experience of the art making combined with the spiritual and cathartic capacity of the image and its process.

That means that the experience of painting is a path of learning; ‘dialogical’ ‘relation establishing a reciprocal ‘listening’ with the work of art ,where I expect the observer to actually experience a transformation thanks to the expansion of his inner ‘space’ .In this way the forms, shapes, reductions, overlapping, eliminations that I make during the performance, becomes one with who is looking. Again, a real transformation of the spirit of who experience will occur only with the open mind and heart, but especially if a charitable look comes about and an emphatic approach. In this case, the paining will become the place to meet ‘the new’, ’the other’, to be permeated of its essence, to truthfully listen to the image and be changed by ‘the other’

New fertile space of silence

There a new vital energy, the same that generated the world, make me feel united in the creation process. In the silence, in the wound ,in the same that remind me of my mother womb, I find myself with new creative kundalini energy and impulse and courage rooted into the present moment that allow me to face my full potential and ‘see’. Now,I can recognize myself melted with everything else, rooted in the flow of the sacred river of life, where everything is always changing and where I have a new gaze of acceptance and I am ready to die and be disappointed to ‘what is’, being hearted by the strong ‘currents of the river of life’.




John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

  • BA in Art History , May 2015

Pacifica Graduate Institute ,Santa Barbara

  • General Certificate of Attendance in the Psychology Course ‘Coming Home to the body: The Legacy of Marion Woodman’, November 2015

Central Saint Martins ,London, UK

  • Fine Arts Foundation Certificate , June 2011

Sattva Yoga Academy, Rishikesh, India

  • YTT ,Sattva Yoga , April 2018


  • Master in Art Counseling (on going)

Central Saint Martins, London, UK ,  June 2011

  • Created a performance piece entitled “body machines” for an exibition project
  • Developed the entire work from the construction of the machine to the actual performance that created a natural color pattern on canvas.

“From Head to Toe”, Ilaria Gianni Curatorial Studies, Rome, Italy  April 2014

  • Directed the curating project of the curator with Ilaria Gianni
  • Proposed a new dialogue and questioning of the conception of the body and the sperimentations of its limits in relation to the soul
  • Directed four artists: Elena Bellantoni, Tomaso De Luca, Chiara Mu and Paolo Tamburella
  • Assited Paolo Tamburela in the actual creation of a site specific work and realized it with him as project requested by Jcu University

Gregoriana University, Rome, Italy  September 2015-Present

  • Collaborated with Yvonne Zu Donha in a project started at John Cabot University that proposed a new mehtod of analysis of art works
  • Developed my B.A. thesis on a variety of comtemporary art works proposed by internetionally known art historians
  • Proved the value of a more sensual method especially focused on the viewer emotional reactions
  • Argumented the healing value of art in many contemporary examples

The Yoga Forest,San Marcos La Laguna,Guatemala,  October 2015-November 2015

  • Partecipated to a Permaculture project for a concrete and complete sunstainabilty of locals in the forest and made starting a personal spiritual research on our society

Magazzino Arte Moderna, Roma,Italy  February –March 2016

  • Collaborated with the gallery general management and working system (mail list, fair invitations, fair organization and selection of works, reception of clients ,etc.)
  • Collaborated in the installation of the artist Jonas Dahlberg

Cult rise  March 2016

  • -Collaborating with Marcos Bassan’s project for Milano Triennial , in the specific ,assisting   the artist in the elaboration and   actual realization of his project called “Design the collective digital unconscious”

 Magazzino Arte Contemporanea Gallery,Rome,Italy   January –April 2016

  • Assisted in one on the most important gallery in the city    and helped in the organization of the show ‘Tempo e controllo’ of Jonas Dahlberg . He took me as personal assistant out of the gallery for the study and research of his famous ‘Birds’ and in the selection of the pictures for his future book .
  • Assisted Jonas at distance on Bristol Arena project and development of his proposal for it

Maxxi Museo delle Arti del XXI Secolo,Rome,Italy  May-September 2016

  • Co-curated Premio Italia( finalists Riccardo Arena, Ludovica Carbotta, Adelita Husni-Bey, ZAPRUDER) in collaboration with Giulia Ferracci.

Aspic\Associazione per lo sviluppo psicologico dell’individuo ,Rome, Italy February 2018 –December 2020

  • Master in ‘Art Counseling’ (3 years), where I am studying technique to improve one’s emotional state or mental well-being trough expressive arts being formed both in art and psychological studies. My aim is to integrate my personal art research and passion with the Gestalt method adopted in art counseling and help people to express their feeling through gestures and colors.

La Giasira, Azienda Agricola di Giovanni Boroli (Sicily) \ Etruscania (Lazio) Italy     Starting September 2018

  • I proposed and collaborating to realize a new project that is an experience of meditation (that I teach), dance, music, art and wine tasting in these very important winery in Sicily and Lazio. The interrelation of these activities together is a new experiment which I believe in. In fact, it is very connected to what I do in my art process, to free and open the senses and connect to our higher self to get rid of the thoughts in order to be able to really enjoy the moment and be present and see what we have in front, in this case have a flood of sensation while tasting wine, which otherwise we would maybe just drink thinking about something else, creating moved by this sensation, by this special product of the earth .

-‘In Chaos let me dwell’ (performance) and exhibition. Ex Lanificio,Rome,Italy. September /October 2018.

-Rome art week, open studio and performance. Rome,Italy, November 2018
3 days open studio and 2 performances (more info luceartstudio.com)
-“The Path” (performance) and 3 days show .Sattva Yoga Academy ,Rishikesh,India,December 2018.
( earthpainting and mixed media on cotton)
-Yanchama project ,”Yanchama:inhabiting the skin” (to be continued)  comunidad Nativa Infierno ,Puerto Maldonado Perú,January 2019
mixed media(audio,photos,video,performance,naturalcolors)