Our deepest wish is to be seen and our deepest fear is to be seen.


Performative – Corporeal – Meditative – Ritual – Intuitive – Spatial -Visceral -Flexible -Wild- Silent

All bodies are the same in front of Light and their ‘modifications’ are a result that the power of light builds up at her own pleasure.

We do not know all the existing colors and we,as humans,invent new ones every time .

But the artist,the painter,has first of all to enjoy his own divinity and be aware of it. His creation,the paintings that he will offer for the admiration of other men will conferĀ  them the glory to exercise too,temporarily, their own divinity.

It is necessary,therefore,to embrace at a glance past,present and future in one canvas that represent that essential unity, that alone,leads to ecstasy…